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Ageing – it is inevitable that as we age beyond our 30s parts of us don’t behave or act like they used to, and our skin is no exception. In fact our wrinkling skin is one of the first unfortunate signs that we are ageing.

But have you ever noticed how some people tend to age better, or not at all? What is it about these people that keep them looking youthful and vibrant well into their mature years?

If you’ve ever wondered how you can stop, or even reverse the wrinkling ageing process in a way that is natural and surgical free, please read on.

What Are Wrinkles?

A wrinkle is a fold, ridge or crease in the skin, mainly presented on the face and parts of the body.

Why Do I have Wrinkles?

Skin takes on the appearance of aging due to 2 major factors the first of which is obviously the natural human aging process.

As time goes on the body slows down certain processes which inadvertently causes more health issues, and in the case of skin, reduces its ability to heal and replenish itself. Although we cannot defend against an ageing body, we can certainly reduce its effects. But aging is not the only factor to saggy, wrinkly skin.

The 2nd primary cause of skin ageing is commonly known as photoageing. Photo-aging in simple terms are the effects on the skin caused by skin exposure to ultra-violet sun rays. Therefore, this obviously plays a large role in the skin condition of many Australians as we all love to be out in the sun and at the beach on a sunny day.

What Happens When Skin Ages?

Ageing skin takes on the familiar form of wrinkles, lines marks and sagging in an older generation of adults. Unfortunately the same occurs for younger adults who have excessive exposure to the sun such as surfers, and outdoor workers who do not protect themeselves against UV rays.

Other signs of anti-aging which aren’t as common as those mentioned previously are benign and malignant skin tumours, dry skin, sores and scabs that take longer to heal.

How To Treat Anti-Aging For The Long Term


Inadequate sleep or drug and alcohol use may affect the ageing process; the drug contains iodides, bromides, oral or injected steroids. Therefore, healthy lifestyle is highly recommended for prolonging youth.

The emotions or stress also effect skin quality. The happier or more content you are, the slower ageing process. Hence, we always say “Don’t stress!”


Foods high in iodine, which includes processed foods, salty snacks, etc. A well balanced diet is recommended. This also includes Food sensitivity.

Blood sugar problems (insulin resistance), this may increase sebaceous production, increase skin cell turnover rate, hence blocking the pores.

Having same amount of portion; Protein, Vegetables, Carbohydrates and same time during the day consistently is very important for anti-ageing. Feed your body with the right food and the right time will prevent the leaky gut syndrome; Leaky gut syndrome is also an important contributing factor to poor diet, hence ageing faster.


It’s inevitable to avoid stress in life. However, we can help you to how to manage your stress level so when you face daily stresses, you will still be able to be calm and resolve the situation with a better outcome.

If you find it’s hard to control, we recommend supplements that support relaxation.

Proper Home Prescriptive

When it comes to anti-ageing the best method is to treating it is to start treating your skin better as early as possible by protecting yourself from UV rays in the proper manner, and to eat well and wholesome nutritious foods so your skin stays youthful for as long as possible. We also recommend supplementations – Pharmanex.

Having said that, we can reduce the current visible signs of ageing particularly in relation to wrinkles and sagging by providing the following treatment strategies.

We recommend using high-tech skincare and equipment on daily basis to maintain and revise your skin. Ingredients should include ALL vitamins and minerals as that’s what cells require.

This is basically a line of products which work in harmony to hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of the skin, which by doing so allows your skin to regain some of its former glow and reduce the visible signs of wrinkling around your eye, cheeks, mouth, chin and nose.

Clinical Treatment

Muscle banding Enzyme Therapy – to firm and tighten the muscles.

The other treatment plan we recommend to reduce the effects of ageing is a very exciting pro alpha pro-alpha layer peel which effectively erases the signs of ageing.

Mesotherapy is also another great treatment for collagen induction.

It works in accordance with your specific skin colour, texture, condition and desired result. Our pro alpha layer peel is considered by many successful customers to have a similar effect to laser treatment or a medical peel but without the obvious drawbacks and risks of trauma, long convalescence or possible contra-indications. Works in 2 weeks.

So How Can You Help Me Treat My Ageing Skin?

As you can see from the information above a true long term anti-aging solution needs to start right away, because the longer you leave it the more difficult it can be to treat.

we specialise in all skin ageing conditions – open pore, saggy skin, wrinkle, fine line etc. We can restore your younger looking skin.

So if you are ready to finally reverse the ageing process of your skin, or would like further information regarding our treatment strategies then contact us today for further enquiry.

How long to expect results?

You will see difference within a couple of treatments; the hydration level, the smoothness, the glow. However, you will need at least 3 – 6 months to revise the collagen production.

Contact Us Now to start your Wrinkle-Free treatment so you can finally return to your youthful looking self.