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We hear you. In my career in helping people with their skin, I see so many people bring their kids and baby in because they suffer bad eczema. It’s very sad to see so many kids suffer from it. However, it’s very simple to manage.

Why does my little one has Eczema?

It’s a very common skin condition that baby experience. Due to the environment, due to the health of the gut, due to their organ is not fully grown yet (skin is an organ), it’s almost inevitably that baby’s has “something”.

In order to help many mums, I have tidy up some basic rules for your little one(s).

Here are some Check points:

Formula or breastfeeding

If it’s formula, I’d suggest change to HA or goats or soy formula. Some babies don’t breakdown cow’s milk protein chain very well hence effect the skin. Cow’s milk protein chain is very long compare to other types of protein.

If it’s breastfeeding, make sure you put a cloth between your skin and baby’s face or put a barrier cream.

Add pre and probiotics to the milk. 1/3-1/2 strength of normal adult strength.

If baby starts solids, avoid cow’s dairy, egg and yeast.


The most important thing is to hydrate baby’s skin.

If it’s inflamed right now, apply hydrating products 4-6 times daily. If its rough, but no redness, just apply 2 times daily. “Water” is the best ingredient to help with any types of inflammation; Eczema is skin inflammation.

Ingredients that you should be looking for: Water, NaPCA, Hyaluronic acids, Aloe Vera.

Recommend: Nu Skin NaPCA moisturizer, Skin Conditioning Gel, NaPCA Mist

Do not leave the skin condition for too long as the barrier function will only get worse and is harder to repair down the track. If you need my help, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

I hope you found those tips helpful so you can begin to have glowing skin the more you use these tips.

If you would like to get more tips, help or have a consultation with our skin experts, do not hesitate to contact us – our goal is to help as many people in Brisbane as we can to have healthier, younger looking skin!