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Brisbane Acne Treatment

Acne is a chronic skin condition unlike the odd pimple or blemish, which clears after several days.

Acne is a devastating skin disease affecting teenagers and adults. 80% of teenagers have some form of acne and 20% develop severe scars that may permanently affect their lives. It is caused by a build up of dead skin cells and natural oil that stick together and block the pores. The acne bacteria feed off this mixture which then becomes inflamed.

It appears as an outbreak of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, red/flesh-coloured lumps or cysts on the face and sometimes the back, chest and shoulders.

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Why You Have Acne And How You Can Treat It

Why Do I Have Acne?


inadequate sleep or drug and alcohol use. The drug contains iodides, bromides, oral or injected steroids.


Physical, emotional or job related, this causes sebaceous glands to overcompensate


Humidity induces excretion

Physical Contact

Touching the affected area or wearing hats, headbands, etc.


Foods high in iodine, which includes processed foods, salty snacks, etc. A well balanced diet is recommended. This also includes Food sensitivity

Blood sugar problems (insulin resistance), this may increase sebaceous production, increase skin cell turnover rate, hence blocking the pores.

Leaky gut is also an important contributing factor to poor diet.

Hormonal fluctuations

Birth control pills, pregnancy or seasonal changes, this cause the sebaceous glands to overact, the androgen in the birth control pills can cause breakout


Improper use or the wrong choice of products, this may lead to bacteria-laden pores

Chronic, low-intensity inflammation

This weakens immune system. Also induces stronger inflammatory response, turn small non-inflamed skin lesion into big, red and painful cysts

How Do I Treat Acne For The Long Term?

Use proper home prescriptive

Feed the skin with correct nutrients with the right delivery system daily; where products go into the void of the skin rather than just sitting on the water barrier.

Why proper home prescriptive? Acne skin condition has different skin dysfunctions. So home prescriptive is essential to achieve the true progressive result.

What the home prescriptive will do for my skin?

  • Decrease cell proliferation
  • Decrease sebum production
  • Reduce p. acne bacteria
  • Decrease the trans-epidermal water loss
  • Improve barrier function
  • Decrease inflammation

Regular corrective in clinic treatment

  • The blackheads/whiteheads is formed below the surface of the skin, it cannot be treated by surface cleansing products. Only products that are specifically designed to penetrate into the follicle and loosen the impactions will be successful in clearing up the acne condition.
  • The treatment goal is to removal of redundant cuticle build up and debris from the skin, to improve skin barrier function
  • Release and removal of impaction and infection
  • Acne healing and controlling additives
  • Improve skin functioning; to flush and expel toxins and rebuild stronger, healthier tissue.
  • Application of hydrating gel and lymph drainage.

Restore leaky gut

  • A better functioning gut is critical to absorb vital minerals and vitamins
  • clear all bacteria and parasites, involves herbs or supplements to initiate better function

Healthy Eating Diet

Changing diet will improve up to 50% of your current skin condition.


It’s inevitable to avoid stress in life. However, we can help you to how to manage your stress level so when you face daily stresses, you will still be able to be calm and resolve the situation with a better outcome.

When Can I Expect Results?

You can expect results in approximately 2 months. To fully clear out from your body system may take up to a year.

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