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The debate on supplementation never ends. At Skin Clinic Brisbane, we highly recommend supplementations to suit your lifestyle, to assist in your skin and general well being. 

Supplementation isn’t a quick fix on your bad diet; it enhances your lifestyle. Who can say, you have never been picky about food? Who can say, you have none next to zero stress in life? We live in a world full of excitements; party, alcohol, finance, academic, social; these all creates high in cortisol level, body is constantly in “stress mode” and have no time and no nutrients to repair. Therefore, supplements is crucial for our busy lifestyle.

Who can here say, they eat self grown vegetable daily? Organic meats? and never had a drop of alcohols or coffee or tea? Sleep before 10pm and wakes at 6am everyday for 365 days? If you do, congratulations! However, this isn’t everyone. You should start taking supplementation and do your best to stay on the healthy lifestyle.

Who here thinks going to the gym and smash yourself is so healthy for you? The more you exercise, they more you need to replenish; protein (amino acids), essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals), antioxidant (to fight free radicals).

So, that’s why you need supplementations! EVERYONE really.

What to choose and how to choose?

Don’t go for the cheap ones on the shelf. They are generally synthetic ones that doesn’t readily get absorbed by our gut therefore, defy the purpose of getting supplements. We recommend extraction methods, however, these supplements are tend to be more expensive. My suggestion is, if you going to spend money on something, make sure it will work. I recommend Pharmanex brand.

I hope you found those tips helpful so you can begin to have glowing skin the more you use these tips.

If you would like to get more tips, help or have a consultation with our skin experts, do not hesitate to contact us – our goal is to help as many people in Brisbane as we can to have healthier, younger looking skin!