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Poor quality sleep is a top cause of bad skin.  It’s also one of the top complaints that adults have.  Bad sleep pattern can result in low self-esteem, low life satisfaction, weight gain, stress, and numerous other health problems, so it’s really important to try and figure out the root cause of why you are sleeping so poorly.  However, there are a few tips that you can do today, to result in a better sleep tonight!

Look at your schedule.

If you can, try not to eat at least two or three hours before you go to bed.  Often we juggle our time at home, and end up eating late, vegging out in front of the TV and then heading to bed, all within a few hours of each other.  Instead, plan your evening.  Eat your dinner 2-3 hours before you go to bed.  Turn off the TV an hour before you turn in.  Finish up all your social networking at the same time.  The blue light from our phones and TV has been proven scientifically to make our brains more active, and this is not conducive to sleep.

Try a little yoga!

You don’t have to be a super flexible yogi to benefit.  All you need is about 10 minutes of quiet contemplative time.  This is great during that hour after you have switched off the TV.  You can even do it on your bed in your pyjamas.  The best poses for gentle bedtime yoga are:

  • Balasana – Child’s Pose
  • Janu Sirsasana – Head to Knee Pose
  • Supta Baddha Konasana – Reclining Bound Angle Pose
  • Siddhasana – Adept’s Mediation Pose (and pause for gentle meditation)
  • Savasana – Corpse Pose

Use a magnesium and Calcium supplement.

You should get some advice on how much magnesium you should be taking as it varies by age, weight and daily activity.  However, lack of magnesium and calcium is shown to lead to a higher incidence of insomnia and poor sleep.  There are many ways to increase your Magnesium and Calcium and that can be pills, powdered versions and even sprays.

Create a better sleeping experience.

Look at your bedroom.  Is it dark enough?  Is the ambient noise too high?  Simply using a night mask or earplugs can effectively produce better sleep.  If eye masks aren’t your thing, you should remove all sources of light, such as from a computer or phone on charge, or even the stand-by light on a TV or monitor.  Many air-conditioning units have running lights too.  These lights can easily be block by a little duct tape.

If you’ve followed all of these tips but still can’t catch some ZZZ’s, don’t fight it.  Anxiety about sleeping can make it worse.  You can just get up and move to another room.  Read a book, or write down what is bothering.  You can also try staying still with your spine in a neutral position.  This is the best way to sleep.  Then, instead of thinking about sleeping, think about the act of staying away.  Researchers say that tricking ourselves with reverse psychology can often help.

I hope you found those tips helpful so you can begin to have glowing skin the more you use these tips.

If you would like to get more tips, help or have a consultation with our skin experts, do not hesitate to contact us – our goal is to help as many people in Brisbane as we can to have healthier, younger looking skin!