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Rosacea is not a condition that will heal by itself, but if not treated will get worse. Rosacea can cause devastating psychological and social problems in addition to its physical effects.

If you are reading this right now there is a good chance you are fed up with the false promises made by miracle creams and unqualified clinics, but trust us when we say, it can be treated. Therefore, effective protocols are very important. 


What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a vascular disorder that exhibits visible changes and reactions on and within the skin such as:

  • flushing redness on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin
  • erythema (swelling), inflammation
  • tightness
  • small blisters, red bumps, pimples
  • heat weals
  • watery itchy eyes
  • bulbous nose. oticeable pores, baggy cheeks, in very servere rosacea, fibroplasia, distorted facial features
  • sensation includes, stinging, burning, hot itchy rashes.

Why Do I Have Rosacea?

Demodex Fooliculorum that lives in hair follicles, can clog oil glands and enter the capillary network leading to inflammation & rosacea. Therefore, addressing this bug is very important. Also, a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori that causes intestinal infection is another factor.

So, by understanding what is going on underneath the structure and function of the skin is crucial. All components need to work in balance and harmony. It is important that the skin is strong and has a good immune system.

Rosacea can be flared up by a variety of triggers, sun exposure, stress, hot beverages like coffee, alcohol, and spicy foods. Medications and cosmetics with irritating ingredients and fragrances are additional contributing factors.

Other contributing factors responsible for these types of vascular skin disorders to occur in the skin are the lymphatic system, vascular system, immune responses, langerhans cell and keratinocyte which must all work in synergy. Whenever one of these is compromised the skins barrier defence systems are breaking down and consequently vascular disorders or reactive rosacea forms.

How To Treat Rosacea For The Long Term?

Get in early for treatment is the key. Treating Rosacea requires remedies from both internal and external. Here are the summary of what needs to be looked at.

Improve Gut Function

Eradicate parasites and bacteria in the gut. Heal the tight junction in the gut to reduce systematic inflammation. Fertilise the gut and the body with Vitamins and Minerals and most importantly Anti-oxidants!

Regular In Clinic Treatment

DMK Enzyme therapy with red vein treatment. We recommend DMK Enzyme Treatments to improve skin health: vascular, lymphatic and immune response. So that langerhans call and keratinocyte will work in synergy. This treatment also improve the quality of skin barrier function, which is the first line of defence.

We also recommend light therapy, IPL/laser treatment for any broken capillaries

Proper Home Prescriptives

  • Increase barrier function
  • Decrease trans-epidermal water loss
  • Decrease inflammation and epidermal reactions
  • Increase Immune response

Increase Immune System

70% of immune cells all produced in the gut. We also want to increase skin immune by using in clinic treatment and proper home prescriptive.

Reduce Level of Stress

It’s inevitable to avoid stress in life. However, we can help you to how to manage your stress level so when you face daily stresses, you will still be able to be calm and resolve the situation with a better outcome.

We recommend different activities to destress along with herbs that lower the cortisol level to shaken that anxiousness on daily basis.

How long to expect results?

You will see difference at approximately 3 months, however, you will see progressive results along the way. May take up to a year to fully clear out from your system.

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