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Perfect eyebrows are the key to a finished and flawless look.  Stand-out brows are what gives your face poise and balance.  Conversely, a sparse brow or uneven look can be very unflattering.  You may look angry, older, or just slightly “off”.  It doesn’t matter what your style preference is, and trends come and go.  Where some love a “tamed” yet bushy brow, or others like an architecturally beautiful arch, there is a classic and beautiful look to suit every face.  Here are some top tips to get them looking unforgettably gorgeous.

1. A stand-out brow can be hard to achieve if you are fair-haired.

Blondes may have a lot of fun, but they did miss out on the eyebrow perks.  Many times, the fairest have a brow that becomes invisible.  The best tip for do it yourself brow “pop” is to shade your brow slightly darker than the shade of your hair.  This can be using a matte eyeshadow or brow powder.

First brush those beauties so that they are smooth and in the shape that you want.  Don’t coat your brush in product but work in little delicate strokes from the inside out.  You may need to apply a little more if you have a sparse area to fill.  Then use your brush again and sweep the brows back into shape.  This will allow the powder to settle and look more natural.  Generally even eyeshadow will last all day, but if it’s hot and humid, or you’ll be rained on, use proper brow powder or pencil as these have terrific staying power.

2. The tip that seems to be the hardest? Stop plucking so much!

One of the biggest mistake made is over-grooming your eyebrows, especially in the middle of your “third-eye”.  A uni-brow is a legitimate fear, but most of us have overcompensated and plucked our brows until just a thin little scraggle remains.  It’s advice most of wish we would have gotten sooner, especially us 90’s children and our love of razor sharp brows plucked to oblivion.  Who knew after years of brow torture they wouldn’t want to grow back in?

The uni-brow is important, as the start of each of your eyebrow is the foundation for the framing of your face.  Your eyebrows should start in a perpendicular line, from around the centre point of each nostril. The natural curve to the arch is different on all of us, but lifting your brow and seeing where the muscle pulls up a natural high point is where the arch will look best on your face. Don’t over pluck the arch, just clean up under the arch and over the top. Never pluck the “meat” of your brows as will create empty areas.

3. If you’ve over tamed your beautiful face-framers, or have only been “blessed” with light or skinny brows, it is possible to get them gorgeous.

The technique is called “Eye Brow Embroidery” and it’s designed to fill in those sparse areas and make them look amazing.  The eyebrows are gently tattooed with a special technique to leave pigment in your brows natural, and the tattoo is blended in looking exactly like natural hair.  The result is up to a year or more (after the initial treatment) of beautiful stand-out eyebrows.  No make-up, no pencils, just a natural looking brow suited to your features.

I hope you found those tips helpful so you can begin to have better eyebrows the more you use these tips.

If you would like to get more tips, help or have a consultation with our skin experts, do not hesitate to contact us – our goal is to help as many people in Brisbane as we can to have healthier, younger looking skin!