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Detoxification is a fundamental bodily function. Our bodies have a natural ability to process harmful substances and eliminate them from the body. The organs involved include the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and skin.

Detoxification involves dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce the intake of toxins and improve elimination. It is like spring cleaning your house or clearing out the garage that has years of accumulated rubbish. Unfortunately, with all the environmental and dietary stressors that we place on our bodies, our natural system of detoxification cannot keep up. We get tired, run down and sometimes end up with illnesses. Therefore, a detox program is very important through out the year.

The aim for DETOX program should achieve the following 4 objectives


1. Reducing the load on the body

Avoiding sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and non-essential drugs, therefore allowing the back log of toxins to be processed

2. Providing the body with vital nutrients

Consuming fresh, organic foods and purified water

3. Supporting the elimination through the gastrointestinal tract

Focusing on a simple diet of whole foods supported by appropriate herbal and nutritional supplements

4. Helping the liver maximise its detoxification ability

Using appropriate herbal and nutritional supplements to support the liver and avoiding processed foods and potential toxins

so BEFORE you start your detox program, here is what you would need to know

When starting any program, it is important to prepare yourself for success and nothing but SUCCESS!

Therefore, here are some tips to ensure you get the most from your detox and for long term health.

Reduce caffeine to less than 100mg a day (eg 1 cup of coffee)

Avoid all alcohol, cigarette smoking and the use of illicit drugs

Always buy fresh vegetables (organic is preferred as they contain less pesticides and herbicides that may increase your toxic load while detoxing)

Avoid all processed foods & drinks

We recommend: TR90 Program or Digestive Tune Up Program

I hope you found those tips helpful so you can begin to have better eyebrows the more you use these tips.

If you would like to get more tips, help or have a consultation with our skin experts, do not hesitate to contact us – our goal is to help as many people in Brisbane as we can to have healthier, younger looking skin!